Digital Transformation - Global CMS Platform & Web Design

A global Insurance company with many dozens of web properties geared internally, toward their broker channels, and the public.


First, Transition all web properties to a new common CMS platform. Second, redesign the broker experience to make doing business with RSA easy, faster, and better than competitors. Third, build new applications sell Insurance direct to consumer with amazing client experience and real-time backend automation.


K2 Digital stepped up to the plate to solve all these challenges. First, by inserting an acting CTO into their organization, building out their internal teams and capabilities, and then by augmenting their organization with leading strategy and capabilities to implement and execute faster and better than ever before.


  • Superior Client and Broker experience.
  • Real-Time Processes and Automation.
  • Real-Time Processes and Robust Automation Capabilities.
  • Mobile Optimization throughout the organization.

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