K2 Digital has developed award-winning tools and methodologies to ensure project and client success. Our proprietary Project Management platform gives clients complete transparency on every project. Our Strategy, Creative and UX teams design pragmatic, yet bold solutions. Our Technology teams leverage Agile development to deliver on client needs in an incredibly fast, iterative , and collaborative manner.

More than just technology

Adoption Matters when solving complex business problems. While technology Platforms are often at the core of any digital experience & operations transformation; factoring People, Process and Policy into the Platform design ensures that the organization will realize the intended value.


Aligning the guidelines

When designing solutions we seek to understand and amend existing policies, written and unwritten rules, to ensure, that any solution we develop will fully align with the true way your organization functions.


Automating & streamlining process

Back-end operations must align to beautiful front-end experiences in order to accelerate service, reduce costs, and improve the end-user outcome. Real-time automation, AI enablement, and componentized processes are required to provide great human experiences.


Driving change management

The key to success with any solution is the people who will need to adopt it. We work with clients to identify, plan and execute solution exposure and change management necessary to ensure real-world success.


Powerful technology solutions

More than ever, enterprise technology depends on platform integration, data flow and system interconnectivity along with superior development to succeed. At K2 Digital we are platform and design agnostic, and work toward empowering your existing IT team.

End-to-end practices

K2 Digital has successfully brought together three unique practice areas to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions.

Digital Experience

Our team of Digital Strategists, User Experience (UX) experts, and Creative Artists collaborate with our clients to define and design the most pragmatic, yet innovative solutions by taking the time to understand our clients end-to-end requirements.


Our team of Technologists bring a unique mix of deep back-end platform experience and top front-end development talent to solve the complex challenges facing our clients every day; with solutions that are right for them regardless of technology choices.

Client Orchestration

Our team of Client Strategists and Project Managers leverage our award winning Genome management platform to provide clarity and transparency to every client, while delivering projects on-time, on-budget, and on-scope - Every Time!

This Makes Us Unique

Unlike most consultancies or agencies, K2 Digital has successfully combined amazing Creative & UX teams, with deep back-end Technology capabilities; working together, on-site, to design, build, and implement the most innovative solutions…fast!

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